Utility Bill Printing and Mailing Service

For utility companies that print 2000 plus utility bills per month, our services are paid for in full by earning postage discounts from the USPS.

We pay the Postoffice at the discounted rate. The Utility pays us at the full postcard rate; which is currently $0.33 per postcard. Our pay is the difference.

Here is what Wood Software can do for the price of a postcard stamp:

  • Provide the Utility Billing Software
  • Provide the Software maintenance
  • Provide the Training and support in the proper use of the software
  • Assist in the conversion of data from the current software used by the utility to the Wood Software format
  • Provide the Hosting and backup of data
  • Pay the postage
  • CASS certify the addresses
  • Provide the postcards
  • Print the postcard utility bills
  • Print the Intelligent Mail barcodes on the bills
  • Print the bills in full color
  • Print Customer’s Logo on the bills
  • Deliver the bills to the Business Mail Entry Unit (BMEU) for processing in Memphis, TN
  • Bills will be printed & delivered to BMEU by the next workday close of business of BMEU


Utilities that print less than 2000 bills per month, price is postage plus 13 cents.
Utilities that do Stand-alone Landfill Billing, price is postage plus 13 cents.

  Internet access is required.

  References provided upon request.

  Wood Software has been printing and mailing postcard utility bills over the internet since November 2009. We currently barcode, print and deliver several thousand utility bills a month. We have never had a single serious complaint.

  Wood Software Inc. was established in 1983 and Our Utility Billing Software was one of our first products developed.

Contact Tim Harris at 870-935-2308 or tim@woodasp.net for more details.

Sample Utility Bill Card





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